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Head Outta the Book

Wednesday, December 17

Eng H2: We began watching The Secret Life of Bees movie with an eye for being “savvy critics.” We will continue this up to the break.

Eng 12: I showed you the role of CLAIM-EVIDENCE- COMMENTARY in persuasive writing. While there are many words for CLAIM (thesis, main idea, argument, controlling idea, opinion), a claim is only as strong as the EVIDENCE (facts, details, quotes) presented in its support and your explanation (COMMENTARY) of that evidence. People can interpret facts differently and for different purposes, so it is your job to show the reader how to evaluate the evidence. If you do that well, you will persuade the reader to believe as you do, or at least understand your idea.

AoW 6 is due by tomorrow night.

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Tuesday, December 16

Eng H2: You finished up your short stories and submitted them on turnitin.com. We will be back in the classroom tomorrow to watch The Secret Life of Bees.

Eng 12: You began one of your two written assessments for Into the Wild, the Rebel comparison piece, which is due at the beginning of class on Thursday, neatly handwritten. I gave you a graphic organizer to help you do the preliminary comparison and work toward a controlling idea for your essay.


AoW 6 is due by tomorrow night.

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Monday, December 15

Eng H2: This is the next to the last day of writing. Your short stories are due by the end of class tomorrow.

Eng 12: Thoughtful discussions on last week’s AoW. Tomorrow we will start one of the writing assessments for Into the Wild.

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AoW 6: Big Brother is going to college with you

AoW 6

You might want to base your response, due by 12/18, 11 pm, on the following questions:

As you read this article, think about whether you could benefit from data analytics in college. What about now, in high school?

Is this a proper use of technology or a violation of privacy?

Or any other angle that appeals to you.

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Tuesday, December 9

Sorry I haven’t been able to post for a few days. I’ve been having trouble logging in.

H2: Today you worked on your short stories, which are due by 7 am Friday on turnitin.com. If we have snow days between now and then, I will extend the deadline and give you extra days in the lab next week.

Eng 12: With only two of my classes meeting and shortened periods for them, we spent our time reading our SSR books. When we meet again, we will do an end of the book activity.

AoW 5 due by Thursday night.

Be safe. Enjoy the snow.

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AoW 5: A pain in the neck!

AoW 5

Some possible angles to consider:

  • Is texting getting out of control?
  • Could you change your habits with technology? What would make you?
  • Are there other risks that are hard to concern ourselves with because they don’t manifest them selves in the short term?
  • Any angle of your choosing related to any part of the article.

Your response post is due on your blog by Thursday, 12/11, 11 pm.

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Friday, December 5

Eng H2: This was our last day to write in class. Next week, we will be in English Resource to type your stories up on the computer.

Eng 12: We listened to “King of the Road,” one of Chris’ favorite songs and discussed why that might be. We then looked at some pictures related to the debate of whether Chris knew a moose from a caribou. We also explored why the moose was one of the “great tragedies of [his] life.”
The remainder of the class was left for reading Chapter 18, which is due for Monday.

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Wednesday, December 3

Eng H2: We went over the required elements checklist for your short story; you rated yourself for completion of each, and made a plan for the rest of the week. Writing continues tomorrow.

Eng 12: You reflected on two paragraphs on Krakauer’s youth, then we did a paragraph pass to “discuss” you ideas. Chapter 16 is due for tomorrow.

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Tuesday, December 2

Eng H2: You wrote your essay test for The Secret Life of Bees. If you were absent, the test will be in English Resource for the next couple of days for you to make up on your own. Tomorrow, you are to bring all of your short story materials. We will be writing in class Wednesday through Friday, then writing in English Resource next week.

Eng 12: We listened to Eddie Vedder’s “Society,” discussing connections to the book. Your homework is to read Chapter 15 and answer the following questions on a clean sheet of paper:

Homework for Chapter 15:
Select one good quote to show each answer and explain what that means to you.
1. In relating his own story, what question about Chris is Krakauer attempting to answer?
What is his answer?

2. By Krakauer’s own admission, which parts of his story are in common with Chris?
Which are different?

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Monday, December 1

Looks like most of us made it back from our Thanksgiving break no worse for wear.

Eng H2: Today, you prepared for you Secret Life of Bees essay test tomorrow. You can prepare and study, but you cannot use any notes for your test. Bring a pen.

Eng 12: You had the class period to read Chapter 14 of Into the Wild, Krakauer’s account of his own expedition in to the Alaskan wilds.

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