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AoW 9: An opinion on American Sniper

AoW 9

Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, there is a lot to think about and react to in this Rolling Stone article. Go where you’d like.

Response due on your blog by Thursday, 1/29 at 11 p.m.. This will go on the third quarter.

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Friday, January 23

Eng H2: We did a close study of Brutus’ soliloquy from the start of Act 2. You are reading 3.1 as scheduled for 1/28.

Eng 12: You finished your hero’s journey posters of your movie of choice, then we discussed the very discouraging description of the town with no name in Big Fish. We hit the allusion to the Pieta in the next chapter, then you reflected on the part of the hero’s journey that Edward is in in “The Old Lady with the Eye.”

All students have a one pager due when the come in on Wednesday.

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Wednesday, January 21

Eng H2: You had a guidance presentation today. You should have Act 2 read for tomorrow.

Eng 12: We discussed Cerberus from Greek mythology, then wrote about the connection between this and the reading for today. We then looked more closely at the Hero’s Journey as defined by Joseph Campbell. I showed you its application to The Wizard of Oz, then for the remainder of the period, you group chose a movie or book to demonstrate the hero’s journey. You will finalize and present your poster of this tomorrow. Read 50-54 tonight.

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Tuesday, January 20

Eng H2: We went over the passage quiz from last Friday, then did a wrap-up discussion of Act 1. Act 2 is due for Thursday. Tomorrow will be a guidance presentation.

Eng 12: We discussed the religious and mythological connections in the chapters “The Girl in the River” and “In Which He Goes Fishing.” Some very lively and insightful discussions, and, again, period four stood out from the rest. Read 37-49 for tomorrow.

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AoW 8: Prioritizing Terrorism

AoW 8

Possible angles:
What does this story mean to you? How can you explain the difference in coverage and response to this and the Charlie Hebdo attack? How big of a concern is terrorism to you?

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Friday, January 16

Eng H2: After a discussion of AoW 7, we took a passage quiz on 1.3. No homework for the long weekend.

Eng 12: We spent the period in some very thoughtful discussions of the AoW, especially in period 4. No homework for the long weekend.

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Thursday, January 15

Eng H2: We chewed up 1.2 and will do the same to 1.3 tomorrow.

Eng 12: Our discussion of today’s reading covered Edward’s goal in life, his absence from his son’s life, and the motif of water. Read 24-36 tonight.

All students: AoW 7 is due tonight.

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Wednesday, January 14

Eng H2: We explored 1.1 of Caesar, focusing on the nature of the crowd. No new reading tonight. We will examine 1.2 and the characters therein tomorrow.

Eng 12: Journal# 2: What exactly does the idiom “a big fish in a small pond” mean? How does it relate to “His Great Promise” and other incidents in what you’ve read so far?

We also looked at Tolkien’s quote: mythology was a means of conveying certain transcendent truths which are almost inexpressible within the factual confines of a “realistic” novel

and discussed the mythical elements of the novel so far.

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Monday, January 12

In all classes we finished our respective films today and will start a new work tomorrow.

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AoW #7: R.E.S.P.E.C.T

AoW 7

As always write about anything that comes to your mind as you read this.

Possible angles: Do you think police get the respect they are due? What should be our response to abuse of power in law enforcement? Do you know first hand any law enforcement officers? What have you learned from them about the job?

Posts are due on your blogs by Thursday, 1/15, 11 pm.

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