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Head Outta the Book

AoW 17: Let’s hit the road!

AoW 17

Your response post is due by Thursday, April 23, 11 p.m..

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Friday, April 17

Eng H2: Aow discussion took the whole period. No homework. Have a great weekend!

Eng 12: Great AoW discussions. Read chapters IV and V for Monday.

Play hard!

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Wednesday, April 15

Eng H2: You had the period to finish reading, work on reader response for tomorrow, and conference with me. Be sure to turn a digital copy of your response into turnitin by 6 am tomorrow and bring a hard copy to class with you.

Eng 12: After a quick review of the last two chapters, you were able to read tonight’s homework (the rest of chapter 2) in class.

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Monday, April 13

Eng H2: In small groups, you selected the three most important quotes of the reading, quotes that show Pip’s growth. I gave you the term bildungsroman to discuss the novel and quotes accordingly. Homework: 351-161.

Eng 12: After a reading quiz and chapter discussion, you had some time to start tonight’s reading, Book 3 Chapter 1.

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AoW 16: Let’s play!

AoW 16

Your post is due by Thursday, April 16.

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Friday, April 10

Eng H2: AoW discussion and quick review of reading. Read 340-351 for Monday.

Eng 12 AoW discussion. Read X for Monday. I realized at the end of the day that this was not scheduled until Tuesday, but we will keep moving along, finishing a day early.

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Thursday, April 9

Eng H2: After a quiz, we discussed the reading. I modified the remaining reading schedule:
F 330-340
M 340-351
T 351-361
W 361-371
Th 371-380 Reader response deadline

Eng 12: After a quick review of recent chapters, we went to the IB Art show. Tonight you are just reading a one page summary of Chapter IX.

AoW 15 due tonight.

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Tuesday, April 7

Eng H2: We discussed the current reading. Tonight’s homework is 286-303.

Eng 12: After a quiz on the current reading, we discussed key passages. Tonight: VII.

All back work for this quarter AND your one pager are due tomorrow.

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Monday, April 6

Eng H2: You had the period to read the rather substantial assignment for tomorrow, 255-286.

Eng 12: You had the period to read Chapters V-VI for tomorrow.

Wednesday is the deadline for all back work for the quarter and the one pagers. Thursday’s AoW will be the last grade for the quarter.

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AoW 15: Driver’s Ed.

AoW 15

Due Thursday, April 9.

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