AoW Done

We are done with the AoWs for the year. What we will do the last two weeks of school is an Article of the Week research project, where you will learn more about an AoW topic that interests you from the 20 we have read this year. More on that later.

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Wednesday, May 13

Eng H2: We had a fantastic discussion about significant lines in Leo’s chapter. Tonight, you are reading, as scheduled, the final Zvi chapter, 183-191.

Eng 12: While period 5 finished Electronic Armageddon, the rest of you had the day to read and write, preparing for the reader response that is due tomorrow on chapters 4 and 5.
Eng 12 classes will meet in English Resource, 275, tomorrow, and you do not need to bring your SSR or One Second After books.

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Monday, May 11

Eng H2: I set up a possible reader response idea in the current reading, which we will be covering in class tomorrow: connect one of the four chapters from the internal novel, THOL, with either Alma and Misha or Zvi and Rosa. You had the period to read for tomorrow.

Eng 12 You watched the start of Electronic Armageddon or enjoyed a lively discussion on the government’s plan to take care of you in a disaster, lead by our in house expert, Paul. Nice job, Paul. Continue reading for Thursday.

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Wednesday, April 29

Eng H2: We discussed the first chapter, using the jigsaw from yesterday, and began our discussion of chapter two. Homework: finish the second chapter.

Eng 12: The first two classes reflected on what it means to be a prepper. We watched a clip from Doomsday Preppers, and you wrote about the value of prepping. Period 7 finished their Socratic seminar.
No homework tonight, but we will start the next book tomorrow.

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Monday, April 27

Eng H2: We finished the film and began History of Love unit with a brief discussion of reader responses. Homework is 14-34 in the novel.

Eng 12: A great first day of Socratic seminars. Well done. We will continue tomorrow.

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