Thursday, Feb 11

PIB: Some fantastic small group and class discussions on Chapter 10 and what you’re noticing that could make great paper topics. No new reading for Tuesday, but I’ve asked you to come in with an idea that you think you’d like to write on for your final essay. Hopefully, Tuesday’s class should help you decide if this is a topic you could actually make work for the essay.

Eng 12: After some Rebel presentations, you had the remainder of the period to begin reading chapter 11 and completing the study sheet that goes with it. You have no reading over the weekend. On Tuesday, you will have the class period to finish the reading and sheet, as well as SSR as you see fit.

Enjoy your long weekend!


Thursday, January 21

PIB: Literature circles followed by a paragraph pass on a probing question you created for a motif or allusion. Reading chapter 2 for tomorrow.

Eng 12: We were in the English Resource Center, where you worked on the transcendentalism webquest, which is due for tomorrow. I also asked you to begin thinking of a possible rebel to research next week, following the instructions on the handout from yesterday.

AoW 13 is due tonight.


Wednesday, January 20

PIB: You had your first day of literature circles for TSLOB (The Secret Life of Bees), and what fantastic discussions you had. Read the second half of chapter one tonight, preparing for you next lit circle role.
Continue to look for motifs and allusions as well as answers to the big questions you began asking.

Eng 12: You got Into the Wild, and we talked about taking risks, plans after high school, and the author’s note. Tomorrow, we will be in English Resource, 275, to complete a web quest on transcendentalism. Your first reading assignment is Chapters 1 and 2 for Monday.

AoW 13 is due by tomorrow night.


Tuesday, January 19

PIB: You received The Secret Life of Bees and a reading schedule. We are using Literature Circles for our study of the novel, and you have an assigned role for tonight. Read Chapter 1 (p 1-19).

Eng 12: You had the period to write your persuasive piece on whether the film F451 should be shown with the novel. Tomorrow, we will start our next book, Into the Wild.

All students have AoW 13 due by Thursday night and a one pager due by Monday, 1/25.


Friday, January 15

PIB: You wrote your piece on the value of the 1990 film. No homework. We will start a new unit on Tuesday.

Eng 12: You finished the movie of F451 and then we had a brief discussion of the Aow. You will write a short essay on Tuesday on whether or not the film should be shown as part of the novel’s unit. You may use your notes. No homework.