Wednesday, April 13

PIB: In small groups, you spent time figuring out Mr. Wemmick and Mrs. Pocket. Charting details associated with each, then making inferences about their personalities and point in the book. We will discuss Mrs. Pocket tomorrow. Read 34-36 for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day for period one’s second reader response.

Eng 12: You began a T chart on the view of sex in the novel, for the party and for the proles, both from the point of view of the government or the people. Continue with that focus as you read Book two, chapter 3 for tomorrow.

AoW 20 due Thursday for all.


Monday, April 11

PIB: In small groups, you discussed the current reading. Read 29-30 for tomorrow.

Eng 12: You did Journal 6 and we discussed some topics from Chapter 8. Read Book 2, ch 1 for tomorrow.

AoW 20 up for Thursday.

Today was the deadline for all work for the third quarter. If you were absent, and you absence is EXCUSED, I will accept your work on Tuesday. If UNEXCUSED, I will not accept any more work. Stay on top of things for the final quarter.


Friday, April 8

PIB: A brief AoW discussion and a look at topics in GE from chapters 20-25. Read 26-28 for Monday. M-F will be days for RR #2 from period one. Monday is the deadline for all work for the third quarter.

Eng 12: A brief AoW discussion, then reading time. You must be through page 104, ch 8, for Monday. Monday is also the deadline for all work for the third quarter.


AoW 20 Digital Driver’s License

AoW 20

Julia in period 2 recommended this article as it relates to discussions going on in our district right now about revising the school’s policies on digital technology usage.It is a three page article, please read it all, and write your response on any angle of the article.

In case you’re like me, BYOD, I think, means Bring Your Own Device.

Responses are due by Thursday, 4/14, 11 p.m.. This will be the first AoW of the final quarter.


Wednesday, April 6

PIB: Discussion on tone today and its importance in understanding the novel. The mature narrator’s attitude toward his younger self must always be considered. Read 20-22 for tomorrow.

Eng 12: Another journal topic, then a close reading on the main purpose of the Ministry of Truth (43) and discussion of connections to our world. Read 6 tonight. We will double up on Friday and MOnday reading, reading all of chapter 8 for Monday.

AoW 19 due by tomorrow night.
Monday, 4/11, is the deadline for all work for the third quarter, including one pagers, missed AoWs, and any extra credit work.