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Head Outta the Book

English 10 SLO scores

Here you have it. Awesome job, folks. Enjoy your summer!

12 97
15 91
1527 94
17 88
173 97
2001 97
2345 100
27 97
2882 94
8459 94
Abcd1234 94
Alli the alligator 97
Banana 97
Bath robe 9 85
Bella 123 100
Bieberfan69 94
Champ37 94
Dancer98 94
Data soong 100
Food is life 97
Guava papa14 100
Hawk09 94
Jennifer Anniston 79
Jive turkey 100
Kratos 100
Lovatic 97
Nutella is life 100
Nutellaria123 100
Person 97
Pizza 97
Prestige worldwide 97
Radar 100
Riverbull 100
Sgiabw 97
Squatchy 411 97
Stir fry 100
Swagmaster 97
Tenor 100
Winmia 88

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English 12 SLO results

Here are your scores, hot off the presses. I’m pretty sure that all of you have now passed this course and are well on your way to flying this coop.

Have a great summer and beyond. It was a fun year. Stay in touch as you continue your journey through life. Feel free to friend me on Facebook if that’s something you do.

091617 80
2525 89
607 97
624 98
Bball2412 89
biff studwell 90
Blue 95
C stick 4 95
Dave wlostoski 97
DH26 93
English champ 25 94
Fox 97
Franknfurter<3 88
Harry potter 90
I know I got a 100 93
Jade4 92
Jay Galchenyak 93
Justin beiber 96
Kb24 84
Kittykatmeow 80
M20 96
Monkey5396 95
Mr blackout 95
mr brand 96
mr pullupguy 96
mrs brand 80
Music man 80
obi79 89
panda123 100
Pandaboo10 89
Pat Lafontaine 95
Pizza 98
Randy Butternubbs 95
recker 90
sc87 94
Seth Rosan 94
sunflowergirl 93
TI27 100
Tony aiken 89
Tswagwhatsinthebag 96
white hatter 95

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Be Safe. Don’t die.

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Thursday, June 5

Eng H2: Continued research. AoW 26 due tonight.

Eng 12: You rehearsed with another group today, testing your memorization and getting feedback and advice. Practice. Make it real.
AoW 26 due tonight.

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Wednesday, June 4

Eng H2: Research day with these reminders:

Avoid the temptation to copy and paste onto a word document for two reasons:

  • Leads too easily to plagiarism, which will result in a zero on this project.
  • Hinders you taking ownership or processing the information as you read, and will keep you from being able to form an opinion.

Think! Respond!

  1. Write down the nuggets of information that make you start forming an opinion. They will be your LOGOS in the final piece. USE QUOTES OR WRITE PARAPHRASE
  2. Write opinions and ideas in L column as you encounter process the material. RECORD IN L COLUMN
  3. Ask more questions of what you read. You may find a better question of inquiry.

Eng 12: Rehearsal day. Tomorrow, you perform for another group, off book, for direction.

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Tuesday, June 3

Eng H2: We discussed the rhetorical devices of ethos, logos and pathos, then you continued selecting your topic and beginning your research.

Eng 12: I explained the ideas of…

Blocking/Movement: Where is scene set? When and how will you move based on what you say and what you want?

BUSINESS/GESTURES: What you do with your hands. Natural, match content.

CHARACTER/RELATIONSHIP: Who are you with and what do you want from them?

and you worked with your partner to add movement that adds meaning and entertainment value to your scene.

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AoW 26: To be, or not to be…happy

AoW 26

This is the last AoW of the school year. Responses are due on your blogs by Thursday, 6/5.

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Thursday, May 29

Eng H2: Today was SONNET day! We studied the form and studied two different sonnets. Tonight, all you need to do is AoW 25 if you haven’t yet. Last two poems in class tomorrow.

Eng 12: Today and tomorrow are memorization days: you have the first part of the period to work on memorizing on your own, the last part to work with you partner to check your progress. Have the whole scene memorized for Monday. AoW 25 due tonight.

Memorize techniques:

  1. Cover and repeat. Check. Fix. Repeat. Move on. Cover and repeat. Check. Always repeat from beginning, adding new lines.
  2. Have someone “run lines” with you: they hold script and prompt you with lines between yours and when you miss a line.
  3. Record your lines on ipod/phone and listen EVERY FREE MOMENT. SAY THEM WITH THE RECORDING. Then record just your cue lines.
  4. Run scene with blocking as many times as possible every day in class.
  5. To check if in long term, do something like playing catch or video gaming, doing make-up or dishes, etc. while you say the lines.
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Wednesday, May 28

Eng H2: I gave you a 3-reading strategy for analyzing poetry, and you tried it out on “First Lesson.” You turned in your poems to go with the Photography classes’ work. Get them to me ASAP, if yours wasn’t in the bunch.

Eng 12: You spent the first part of the class studying your script for context and intent, then you rehearsed with your partner.

AoW 25 due by tomorrow night.

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Tuesday, May 20

Eng H2: After studying a poem heavy with sensory detail, you were set free to create your own poem about a familiar place or person. We will work on this tomorrow in class as well, and it will be due Thursday. Tonight, you are finishing your assignment for Miss Aeschbacher. Again, if you have any questions for her: [email protected]

Eng 12: We finished reading The Visit. Now, on to choosing scenes or monologues.

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