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AoW #2: Where are YOU going?

AoW #2

This is our second AoW. Please have your response done on your blog, following the original guidelines, by Thursday, November 6.

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Wednesday, October 29

Eng H2: You covered Chapters 3 and 4 in your literature circles. I reviewed using your user name as your “display name as” on your blog. I do not want you to use your last name on your blog, so if you had yours set to display, please fix. Also, I need to be able to quickly identify you and your period when grading your AoWs, and using your user name helps immensely with this. No new reading tonight as we will do a whole class treatment of the first four chapters. AoW due by tomorrow night.

Eng 12: Today was our last day in the lab. Tomorrow we are back in the room, and you will need your Into the Wild book as well as your SSR book. AoW is due by tomorrow night, and your Rebel project, if you didn’t finish in class, needs to be emailed to me by 7 am tomorrow.

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Reflection questions for Bees (period 2)

Once again, I didn’t leave time for your reflection question. You may write on both of these in regards to your work today, Wednesday.

Reflection #3: How effective were you in your assigned role today? Explain.

Reflection #4: Which role do you see as the most demanding and why?

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Tuesday, October 28

Eng H2: Creative writing project: We began generating ideas for your short story that will use a line from the novel as an epigraph. You need to have at least a page handwritten for next Tuesday. Tomorrow’s reading is chapters 3 &4. AoW due Thursday night.


Eng 12: This was your second day in English resource working on your Research Project.  Tomorrow is the final day. AoW due Thursday night.

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Monday, October 27

Eng H2: You tackled chapter 2 in your literature circles today, then we explored the more confusing parts together as a whole class. Tomorrow, you will begin your creative writing assignment. The next reading assignment is chapters 4 and 5, and they are due Wednesday.

Eng 12: We are working in the English lab through Wednesday on your rebel research project. The final project is a collage, which you will email to me by Thursday morning and present to the class next week. Your project can take the form of a Prezi, Power point slide, or word document,  your choice. Be sure you can talk about your person, particularly to answer the questions on the assignment sheet.

I collected your Transcendentalism web quest. That is a homework grade, so get it in if you didn’t today.

AoW #1 is due on your blog by Thursday, October 30, 11 p.m..

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Avatar issues

Hey folks,

Many of you had said your were having trouble uploading your blog avatar. I did it on my sample blog without any trouble, so I will offer the following suggestions and clarifications.

Be aware that there are TWO avatars

In Dashboard, under Settings is Blog avatar. This is the image that shows on your blog avatar widget. You must have dragged the actual blog avatar widget to your side bar or footer to have it appear.

In Dashboard under Users is Avatar. This is the image that will show when you log in or leave comments anywhere.

They do not have to be the same, nor do the have to be a head shot of you.  Something that relates to you is fine and probably safer.

You can also search the web for plenty of FREE AVATAR sites where you can make a cartoon version of you. Save it and upload it into either the avatar or blog avatar spot.

If your picture does not show right away, refresh your browser. Be sure you have the blog avatar widget pulled over.

Good luck.

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Friday, October 24

All classes were introduced to the Article of the Week assignment. Please follow the directions in the prior post for how to write and publish your AoW each week.

English H2: You are to continue reading according to the schedule. We are back in the room on Monday.

In English 12, you had the time to complete the Transcendentalism web quest that is due Monday. Seniors will meet in English Resource Monday-Wednesday to complete your rebel project.

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AoW # 1: How important is passion?

AoW #1

The link above will take you to your first Article of the Week. Every week, on Friday or Saturday, I will post the new AoW. You have until the following Thursday evening, by 11 p.m. to write a response to the AoW on your blog. When you come in the next day, Friday, we will have a discussion on the current AoW. These are often some of our best and liveliest discussions, but that only happens when everyone has prepared by reading the article and writing a thoughtful response.

Follow the guidelines below when writing your response each week:

When you write your AoW response post, title it with AoW #__: then give your response a title that fits the controlling idea of your thoughts.

Before you publish your post, scroll down to “Categories” and
“Add New” and call it  Article of the Week. In the future, you can simply put a check mark in that category when you posts.

Your reflection on the AoW should be a personal response to anything that is in the original article. Be expressive. Let’s hear your voice. Your opinion. But be sure to support and explain anything you say. Maybe you want to share some personal stories that you are reminded of when reading the article. How does your experience connect to the AoW? Guide our understanding with a solid topic sentence and clear writing. Do not summarize. I know what is in each article, I want to know what you think, how it makes you feel, what it makes you think of, etc.

As in all work that you do in this class, be sure you are putting your best foot forward. Sound and look as intelligent and articulate as you are. Proofread your writing. Your points are only strong if they are communicated clearly. Your responses should be free of all spelling and other mechanical errors, as well as being grammatically and stylistically strong.

Your response should be approximately 150 words, posted on your blog, with the appropriate title, and by 11 p.m. the Thursday after the AoW goes up. Credit will be awarded as follows:
10: Post has strong voice, thoughful reflections and NO errors.
8-9: Post is good, but there are some spelling or grammatical errors. Organization is effective.
6-7: Post has many errors in the writing and/or relies on summary instead of making a personal response.
< 7: Post was done after the due date.

Note Well: You will always have a week to do your AoW post. You are not required to wait until Thursday night to do it. It is your responsibility to do it when you have the time throughout the week. Waiting until Thursday, then forgetting that you have a game, concert, or family obligation is your problem. You may even have reading homework scheduled for Thursday night; that will never change my expectations that your AoW is done BY Thursday evening. Practice time management and personal responsibility.

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Thursday, October 23

All classes meet in English Resource, 275, on Friday.

Eng H2: You discussed Chapter One in your circles, and your Reflection question #2 was “What question do you have now that you will look for the text to answer as you read further?” There is no new reading for tomorrow, but chapter Two is due for Monday.

Eng 12: You received two projects for Into the Wild: the Research Project and the Transcendentalism web quest.  Be sure to bring the web quest with you tomorrow. It will be one of the things you can work on in class in the computer lab. It is due Monday, 10/27. I asked you to choose your “rebel” by Monday.

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Wednesday, October 22

Eng H2: Excellent first day of literature circles. You had many thoughtful and lively discussions, wherein I heard so many good ideas and important questions. Your homework, as scheduled, is to finish Chapter 1.

Eng 12: We went over the participation rubric, and you set some goals for yourself for the rest of the year. All of you can be scoring in the higher markbands if you decide that is what you want.

We read the author’s note of Into the Wild, thinking about Krakauer’s purpose in writing the book and how impartial he will be as a narrator.

All students need to upload blog avatars and give titles to your blogs by Friday.

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