Monday, November 23

PIB: We used the following study questions to focus your group discussions of the fourth chapter:

1. Explain the significance of the title of the chapter; compare it to the
relevance of the prior chapters’ titles. Write something about the other
chapter titles in the appropriate places in your notes.

2. If the island society of the boys is a microcosm (little world view) of
the world at large, by the description in the beginning of the chapter (59),
what type of people do the littluns represent?

3. What keeps Roger from hitting Henry with the stones? What idea is
Golding getting at here? How is this related to the masks the hunters put
on? What lines show the significance/power of the masks?

4. Explore the shift in dynamics in the relationships between the boys
after the fire has gone out and the ship has gone by.

Eng 12: Free read Monday!

Tomorrow, all classes will enjoy a Thanksgiving trivia contest.

Next Monday through Thursday, all classes will meet in English Resource to set up your blogs. You will receive an email from edublogs on your school email with your new blog info. Do not delete it. You will need it Monday.


Friday, November 20

Wow. My first full week. Exhausting. But so great to be getting to know you all and moving forward in our studies. Thanks for all your hard work, enthusiasm, and willingness to share ideas.

PIB: We discussed the strategy of reading in drafts when we want to tackle complex parts of the text. When there is ambiguity or confusion, we need to be in the habit of rereading to 1) clarify content, the literal of the story, and 2) then discover the hows and whys of the meaning, the artistry of the writer.
We did a rereading together of the first two pages of the chapter, looking at the description of Jack as hunter. We noted details and words and then drew inferences about what those things show about the character. We did the same with Simon’s retreat to his special place at the end of the chapter.
You are to read chapter 4 for Monday.

Eng 12: We started with a sneeze, an uncensored timed writing, on the topic of Montag and emptiness. After that, we did close reading work of a few key paragraphs in the assignment that dealt with that subject.
No homework this weekend. We will do Thanksgiving related activities in class on Monday and Tuesday.


Thursday, November 19

PIB: You sneezed on the question of how important rules are to a society, and we brought that into our discussion of chapter 2 of the novel. Read 3 for tomorrow.

Eng 12: We discussed 24-40, focusing on the nature of the mechanical hound and Montag’s behavior at the fire. Read to the bottom of 50 for Friday.

All classes. On Monday, 11/23, I will collect and grade AoW 8 as the first grade of the second quarter.


Monday, November 16

PIB: You got back old work and had a chance to check your quarter grade. You received LORD OF THE FLIES, with the reading schedule, and instruction on 3-column notes. Chapter one is due tomorrow.

Eng 12: You got back your old work and had a chance to check your quarter grade. In small groups, you compared your 3-column notes for the first 20 pages of F451. We will continue our discussion of that section tomorrow, and the next reading (24-40) is due for Wednesday.


Thursday, November 12

All Classes: We met in the Library Lab and I reminded you of the benefits of checking my blog every day for valuable information. You had the period to work on updating your Goodreads account by filling your book shelves, making friends, uploading a profile picture, and trying out the message feature.

There is an app for Goodreads. It is also a great way to message me with a question or concern outside of class since I will get a notification across my ipad screen when you do.

We will be back in the class room Friday.

PIB 10: You will have a Free-Read Friday, allowing you to get a good chunk of reading done on your SSR book.

Eng 12: We will start reading F451 aloud together, with me modeling 3-column note taking.


Friday, November 6

What a fantastic first day back! it was a pleasure meeting you all. I will be posting daily on what we did in class, what is due, and any links to handouts.
Check here if you are absent or have a question.

Pre IB: We looked at two short passages from Act 5 of Caesar and analyzed them together as a model for next week’s passage test. For homework, you are to study your notes and text, focusing on the passages you’ve covered in the last few weeks of 20 lines or greater. Monday will be a study day, and the test is Tuesday.

Eng 12: This was your final day in the lab to work on your college or This I believe essays. They are due by 6 am on Monday.
We will be back in the classroom to start a new unit on Monday.
If you missed doing your pecha kucha, you should have scheduled it with me today. They must be completed in time to go on the first quarter averages.

For all classes, Monday is the last day to do any make up work and to turn in one pagers.