Thursday, April 9

Eng H2: After a quiz, we discussed the reading. I modified the remaining reading schedule:
F 330-340
M 340-351
T 351-361
W 361-371
Th 371-380 Reader response deadline

Eng 12: After a quick review of recent chapters, we went to the IB Art show. Tonight you are just reading a one page summary of Chapter IX.

AoW 15 due tonight.


Monday, April 6

Eng H2: You had the period to read the rather substantial assignment for tomorrow, 255-286.

Eng 12: You had the period to read Chapters V-VI for tomorrow.

Wednesday is the deadline for all back work for the quarter and the one pagers. Thursday’s AoW will be the last grade for the quarter.


Wednesday, March 24

Eng H2: In small groups, you worked on explaining key ideas from the last several chapters. We will finish this up tomorrow, and then discuss what you read tonight, 217-235.

Eng 12: After a quick review of the highlights from chapter II, I started you on an organizer for homework, with five quotes from chapter III. You are giving them context, asking questions, and making connections with other parts of the book or life.


Tuesday, March 24

Eng H2: You got the day to read (191-217 for tonight) and ask for assistance with next reader response. If you haven’t already, please remember to bring in the hard copy for me to grade. Thanks.

Eng 12: After a reading quiz and chapter discussion, you wrote about the line from Generation Like, “Serendipity by design. It’s almost Orwellian.” Great discussions after that. Read Book 2, chapter II tonight.


Monday, March 23

Eng H2: I showed you a video of a 3D sidewalk art creation and asked you to explore how it is a metaphor for writing a reader response. You observed that it needed planning, you needed to have an overall vision, there was structure and an outline, the spaces between the figures gave meaning to the figures, like your commentary, it was creative and allowed us to see new things, and many other great connections. Continue reading tonight, 176-191.

Eng 12: We took a look at pages 80-81 and the importance of defending truth, then we finished the Generation Like video. Read Chapter II tonight.


Friday, March 20

Happy Spring! Just don’t look outside. Ugh. Enough.

Eng H2: Most of the period was a discussion of the AoW with the last part of class focused on the novel. Continue reading as scheduled. Also, I’ve asked all of period two and anyone in one whose reader response has not been graded to bring me a hard copy to grade. Email it to me if that works best for you.

Eng 12: We discussed the AoW then started reading for Monday, Chapter VIII.


Thursday, March 19

Eng H2: I modeled finding an idea for a response by delving into a passage with figurative language: interpreting it, explaining it, and making connections with other parts of the text. I also showed a model of analysis on dog imagery uniting Pip and the convict. As you continue to read (146-158 tonight), look for ideas like this. Slow down for those complex parts and see what is waiting for you in them. It may just be your next great idea.

I am still having trouble with turnitin. Please check your paper. If I have not graded it yet, either email or print me out a copy to grade. That is just three of you in period one and all of you in period 2. Thanks.

Eng 12: After a reading quiz and discussion, we continued with Generation Like. Read Ch VII tonight.

Everyone has AoW 13 due tonight.