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All 1984 Fan Fiction Graded

All papers have been graded now. Pleas go to turnitin.com and read the feedback I gave you on the paper, in general comments, and on the rubric.

They were fun reads. Thanks. And thanks for your patience.

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Monday, March 31

Eng H2: Today was a reading day, with chapters 19-20 due tomorrow. Tuesday, we will cover all four chapters, 17-20.

Eng 12: The first part of the period, you read the article on North Korea and EMPs, turning in a statement of claim based on the article and three bullets of information from the article to support that claim. The second half of the period was used for reading tonight’s assignment, chapter nine (251-290).

Sorry for the confusion with the schedule. I forgot that Day 163 was actually two chapters, 9 and 10. Read 9 tonight and 10 tomorrow night.
Rest of the week:
Thursday, Chap 11
Friday, Chap 12

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AoW 21: The price of knowledge

AoW 21

This is the last AoW of the third quarter and is due by Thursday night, April 3.

If you are going to makeup any earlier AoWs, they are due by Monday, April 7.

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Thursday, March 27

Eng H2: Ms Vymislicky did a lesson with you on writing with precision. Keep these techniques and the things I went over last week about topic sentences in mind as you write you next piece of analysis. Read chapter 16, “Still Knitting” for Friday.

Eng 12: Zombies were on the menu today, specifically which states would best survive a zombie apocalypse and how does that information translate to surviving in a post EMP world. No AoW tonight. The next reading assignment is Chapter eight for Monday.

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Tuesday, March 25

Eng H2: All caught up in our discussions, we continue reading tonight with Chapter 14. No AoW this week.

Eng 12: Some good discussion on topics associated with Chapter six. No new reading tonight, but it might be a good night to catch up or get ahead.

If you are liking this genre of literature, affectionately known as SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, I present a few of the titles I enjoyed after reading One Second After: 77 Days in September, Holding Their Own, Patriots, Lights Out, and Alas Babylon.

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Monday, March 24

Eng H2: We looked at the use of stone imagery in “The Gorgon’s Head”. Read chapters 12-13 tonight.

Eng 12: We covered chapter five, in various ways, today. Period 4 did a jigsaw on John as an American hero, period 5 discussed things in general, and period 7 discussed the impact of the executions.Because so few had actually read the assignment, period 7 was incapable of having a meaningful discussion.
Read chapter 6 for tomorrow.

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Friday, March 21

Eng H2: We spent the class discussing the AoW and, in first period, talking about effective topic sentences (We will do this second period on Monday). There is no new reading for Monday;we will cover chapters 9-11.

Eng 12: After an AoW discussion, we read “Looting After a Hurricane” and answered questions relative to the article and the novel. Read chapter 5 for Monday.

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Thursday, March 20

Eng H2: We did a quick trip through chapters 6-9. Read 10-11 tonight, and if you are in first period, this is your last chance to write your first reader response, due at the beginning of the period tomorrow. Also due: AoW 20.

Eng 12: We finished watching ELECTRONIC ARMAGEDDON. You should have chapter four read at this point, and AoW 20 is due tonight.

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Monday, March 17

Eng H2: We looked at the characters of Stryver and Carton. Read chapter 6 for tomorrow.

Eng 12: A day to discuss various questions that have arisen in the first two chapters. Good discussion. Tonight, read chapter 3.

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AoW 20: Eat up!

AoW 20
Due by Thursday, March 20.

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