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Head Outta the Book

Tuesday, April 29

Eng H2: Reflecting on what defines a well-lived life, we looked at Dickens’ ideas on the topic by rereading 322-23. We also began to discuss evidence of Carton changing.
Read chapter 10 for tomorrow.

Eng 12: After a mini lesson on using I in your essays, you spent the period working on your paper.

Should you use “I” in your essay?

Generally, no. Asserting your opinion as fact is more authoritative.
Cite credible, expert sources for the ethos (authority) on the topic.

Always avoid or eliminate “I think,” “I believe,” “While researching my topic, I found…”, “I know,” etc. ¬†These are you thinking aloud. They may be in a first draft, but they tend to weaken a final draft.

You may use I/we…

    • When using a personal story/anecdote. In this case you are an expert by experience.
    • To eliminate wordy, passive construction.
    • In an intro to explain your interest in the subject.
    • Any time it makes sense. I know this is wide open, but use your best judgement for the assignment.
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Monday, April 28

Eng H2: We built character maps for the novel and learned a new word, tergiversation. Read Chapter 9 tonight.

Eng 12: We continued working on the AoW Research and Discovery project, which is due by the end of class Friday, 5/2.

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Friday, April 25

Eng H2: Because we were missing half our class, we took a study/reading day. Read Chapter 8 for Monday. There is also a new AoW up for next week.

Eng 12: You continued your research. Project is due by Friday, May 2. No extensions. There is also a new AoW up for next week.

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AoW 22: Change of heart

AoW 22
Please respond thoughtfully to this by Thursday, May 1, 11 pm.

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Wednesday, April 9

Eng H2: A pasage quiz on the chapter. Read chapters 2-3 for tomorrow. Lots of good stuff for a reader response or two.

Eng 12: A lesson on rhetoric: ethos, pathos, and logos. More time to be choosing a topic.

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Tuesday, April 8

Eng H2: You did an expert jigsaw on topics in Book 2. Read chapter one of Book Three for tomorrow.

Eng 12: We began the AoW Research and Discovery Project¬† in the English Resource Room, where we will be until May 2. Once you select your topic from this year’s AoWs, you are to use the KWWL¬†organizer to guide your research.

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No AoW this week

There is no AoW for the week of 4/7. We will resume AoWs after break.

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Friday, April 4

Have I really forgotten to post since Monday? Crazy week. Sorry.

Eng H2: A great day of discussion (on AoW and reading), then in first period we began to work on the allusion of the Loadstone Rock. No new reading for Monday.

Eng 12: A discussion on finding books you love, followed by an AoW discussion. Today, I must say, the best part was the last part of class when we went to the IB art exhibit. Wonderful work, especially by two of our own, Erin Willis and Chelsea Clark.

Finish the book for Monday.

All students: All back work and one pagers are due Monday, April 7. No exceptions.

Regarding finding high interest books FOR YOU: In second period, I made a list of the hot titles that students loved and couldn’t put down. Unfortunately, I lost the list, so please use the comment section on this post to list titles of books that you loved.

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All 1984 Fan Fiction Graded

All papers have been graded now. Pleas go to turnitin.com and read the feedback I gave you on the paper, in general comments, and on the rubric.

They were fun reads. Thanks. And thanks for your patience.

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Monday, March 31

Eng H2: Today was a reading day, with chapters 19-20 due tomorrow. Tuesday, we will cover all four chapters, 17-20.

Eng 12: The first part of the period, you read the article on North Korea and EMPs, turning in a statement of claim based on the article and three bullets of information from the article to support that claim. The second half of the period was used for reading tonight’s assignment, chapter nine (251-290).

Sorry for the confusion with the schedule. I forgot that Day 163 was actually two chapters, 9 and 10. Read 9 tonight and 10 tomorrow night.
Rest of the week:
Thursday, Chap 11
Friday, Chap 12

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