Literature Resource Center – Document – ‘Men of a Smaller Growth’: A Psychological Analysis of William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies,’

This is the critical essay being used with Lord of the Flies. You are writing an essay that shows you understand the thesis, best points, worst points, and how it adds to your understanding or appreciation of the novel.

Literature Resource Center – Document – 'Men of a Smaller Growth': A Psychological Analysis of William Golding's 'Lord of the Flies,'.


Monday, December 21

PIB: You had the period to write an essay on the critical essay, “Men of a Smaller Growth.” You will have 20 minutes to finish tomorrow.

Eng 12: You had the period to study for tomorrow’s test from the study sheet

I gave you. You may use your notes tomorrow, but not the study sheet. You will choose three passages to write about tomorrow, selected from the seven given to you for study.


Thursday, December 17

PIB: We had a fantastic discussion of the critical essay assigned yesterday. Tonight, you are reading the short one, “Green Paint,” and doing the same annotation (identifying thesis, best points, worst points, and questions).

Eng 12: After SSR and an opportunity to discuss outstanding issues in the last reading, you had the remainder of class to read the end of the book for tomorrow, preparing in your notes the same four items as for the last reading (question, connection to dystopia, connection to rest of book, and important lines). We will most likely have reading quizzes in all classes.

All classes have AoW 11 due tonight by 11 p.m..


Wednesday, December 16

PIB: We discussed the notes in the back of the book, then you worked in small groups on the symbols in this allegory. For homework, you are to do the following with the critical essay you were given in class (yellow handout):

Homework: Read and annotate on copy the critical essay. Underline thesis/controlling idea whenever it occurs and write main idea in margin of each paragraph. Circle terms you don’t know and put a ? in the margin.

Eng 12: You either started with a reading quiz or your questions on the back board. No new reading for tomorrow, but AoW 11 due by Thursday night and finish the novel for Friday.


Tuesday, December 15

PIB: At the start of class, you put questions up on the board, we chose which ones to cover, and we had another day of wonderful discussion. Tonight, you are to read the notes on the novel at the end of the book.

Eng 12: After five minutes to confer with a partner on the characteristics of a dystopia in F451, you started reading for tomorrow. You are to come in with the following in your notes:

One question
One connection to dystopia list
One connection to the rest of the book
An important line

Everyone has AoW 11 due on their blogs by Thursday, 11 p.m..


Monday, December 14

PIB: You led a fantastic discussion of chapters 10 and 11. Finish the book for tomorrow.

Eng 12: We finished up the sheet from last week on religious imagery in “The Sieve and the Sand.”  We then did a quick review of the reading for today before discussing the novel as a dystopian novel, following



Friday, December 11

All classes did SSR and a brief discussion of the AoW.

I showed two sample topic sentences to demonstrate how being more precise adds to the style and content of your writing.

Topic sentences:

A: I can completely agree and side with Mr. Piper on this matter.

B: Political Correctness is a venomous ideology that we should not allow to linger as a scapegoat within our society.


B is the model for a 10/10 from now on.

A would be a 9-9.5 depending on how error free and well developed it is.


PIB should read chapters 10 and 11 for Monday.

Eng 12 has 113-129 due on Monday.


Wednesday and Thursday, December 9 and 10

PIB: On Wednesday, we did a write and talk exercise with four different questions on the chapter. After two minutes to write, you talked about your ideas with a different partner each time on the following questions from Chapter 8:

  1. Write on the implications of the word “darkness”
  2. Follow along as I read killing of sow (135). Note imagery.
  3. Close reading (140-141) What stands out?
  4. Connect it all to Simon’s conversation with the “Lord of the Flies” (143-44)

On Thursday we discussed Simon’s death, the events leading up to it, and how is body is treated afterwards.

AoW 10 is due tonight. Chapters 10 and 11 are due for Monday.

Eng 12: On Wednesday, we covered the seven questions from the day before.

On Thursday, we constructed a plot time line for 90-110, then analyzed the religious imagery in The