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Monday, January 6

Welcome back!

Eng H2: This was a ridiculously challenging day to complete your essays because of internet problems. As I said, you may take until tomorrow evening to complete and submit your essay. Many of you have already done that, but the remainder of you must work at home or in free time to complete the paper. Tomorrow, we are in the classroom to watch the rest of A Separate Peace, which we will do for the next two days. AoW due Thursday evening.


Eng 12: We started our 1984 unit with an Anticipation guide, beginning the discussion of some of the key ideas in the novel. We did task one in class, and you are to complete task two as homework for tomorrow. It is a paragraph on any one of the ten topics, which clearly states your opinion on the subject in the topic sentence and then develops this with your reasons why you believe what  you believe. This may be handwritten or typed.

AoW due Thursday evening.

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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to all my blog visitors. I hope you and your loved ones have a joyful and rejuvenating holiday.

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Friday, December 20

Eng H2: You will be back in the computer lab Monday, January 6 to finish your essay if you need to.  At that time, the final draft is due by the end of the period. If you have already submitted, you may, if you wish, resubmit a further revised draft by that time as well.

Eng 12: We enjoyed some Christmas team trivia. When we return in January, we will begin the novel, 1984.


Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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Thursday, December 19

Eng H2: We worked in the computer lab on your thematic essays. The deadline is tomorrow, with my intention being that you do not have any work for this class over break. However, since I will not be grading them until we return in January, if you need more time to finish, just be sure it is on turnitin.com by the time we get back from break.

Eng 12: You took the Winter Poetry quiz then spent the rest of the period on SSR. Tomorrow, we will do SSR then play some Christmas team trivia. Feel free to brings snacks if you like.

AoW 12 is not due this week. It is due the week we return in January.

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Wednesday, December 18

Eng H2: You continued working on your thematic essay, which is due Friday.

Eng 12: We finished the winter poetry unit, studying “Flightless Bird” and “Untitled Winter poem.” Tomorrow, you have a 20 multiple choice question quiz on the poems, covering their meaning and the poetic terms we discussed. There is also one question on A Christmas Carol. I think you will find it pretty easy if you’ve been here every day and taken notes on our discussion of the poems.

AoW 12 is due after break.

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Tuesday, December 17

I was joyfully surprised this morning when my dear students all came in “a buzz” about my big news, which I hadn’t even thought about sharing in class. Somehow, through the magic of Facebook and Twitter, you all found out that I became engaged this past weekend. I, of course, am ecstatically happy, but your joy and congratulations makes it all even sweeter. Thanks for seeing me as a human, not some automaton that sleeps under my desk, and sharing my happiness with me. You are all very dear to me…although I’m not to sure you can all be invited to my wedding…we’ll have to see about that.

Eng H2: You worked on your thesis essays for A Separate Peace, as you will all week. Final due on turnitin.com before you leave school Friday.

Eng 12: We talked about my personal life then watched the conclusion of A Christmas Carol. Tis the season!

AoW #12 is due AFTER BREAK. Merry Christmas from me.

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AoW #12 Mandela’s Death and His Words



Read the following article on Nelson Mandela’s death as well as the short piece on 15 of his most famous quotes. Write your response on either an idea triggered by the article OR choose on of his quotes to write about.

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Thursday, December 12

Eng H2: A final discussion of Phineas’ death then some brief discussion of how to form your essay.

Follow directions on the assignment sheet, with the addition of maximum length, 750 words.

Write with precision:

Thesis: TAG (Title/Author/Genre) and your theme
Roadmap: A sentence that lists the three key/specific parts of the book you will discuss to support your thesis
A paragraph for each item in roadmap sentence
A topic sentence for each paragraph that includes theme and element of roadmap that will be developed
Point reader in a new direction
Friday is your vocabulary quiz. Monday-Friday, you will be in the English Resource, 275, to write. Do planning and thinking at home.


Eng 12: Today we focused on “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening.”

AoW #11 due by 11 pm tonight

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H2 A Separate Peace Vocabulary Practice

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Wednesday, December 11

Eng H2: We examined the star quotes of the last two chapters, ones that expressed thematic ideas or showed significant character growth. Study vocab for Friday’s quiz. AoW due by Thursday night.

Eng 12: We studied “Dust of Snow” and read a piece of analysis on this short poem. AoW due by Thursday night.

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