Tuesday, February 24

Sorry. The work computer has not been letting me post lately. See how it goes today.


Eng H2:  You spent the short period selecting and preparing your passage fort the test prep. Tomorrow, you will have another ten minutes or so to finish your preparations before teaching the passage to the class.

Eng 12: After SSR, we continued with Big Fish in preparation for your Savvy Critic project. I did decide, with the help of fifth period to make some alternative plans for those of you who cannot see the musical at the school, but would still like to do the higher level assessment. You may use the scene from this Friday’s assembly or you may watch the musical on Youtube. Hope that helps.

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Thursday, February 12

Eng H2: Frist, we discussed some of the the first steps in memorizing your monologue:
Monologue Prep:

  1. Put on a full page print out(you can download/copy from an online version of the play instead of retyping)
  2. Center and double-space in a large font (should be as big as possible while maintaining the original line breaks and stay on one page)
  3. Highlight chunks/sentences with different colors
  4. Paraphrase chunks of meaning on sides

We then discussed the conceits (extended metaphors) of Act 4:

1. (143 lines 24-44)
2. (157 lines 124-127)
3. (167 lines 244-255)
4. (147 lines 21-29)

Eng 12: I set you up with the Savvy Critic project to compare a scene from the book, movie and musical, then we started watching the movie. This is on Netflix if you miss a day and want to catch up.


AoW 11 due tonight.

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Tuesday, February 10

Eng H2: You guided our discussion with your questions and observations, then we ended class watching Antony’s speech. We will have a quick discussion of it tomorrow. Read the rest of Act 4 for tomorrow, then finish the play for Thursday. There will be no test before break.

Eng 12: Your parent paragraph was due today, and, if you needed to, you were allowed to write it in class. Once it was turned in, you could read the end of Big Fish, then your SSR.

AoW 11 due by Thursday night.

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Thursday, February 5

Eng H2: We looked at Brutus’ speech at Caesar’s funeral, and analyzed it based on Aristotle’s theory of rhetoric (ethos, pathos, logos). We used this handout (which the computer will not let me attach. Sorry). Tonight, complete the handout for Antony’s speech. No new reading. AoW 10 due tonight.

Eng 12: We looked at the value of laughing, shared some jokes, and talked about Edward’s greatest power and his god-like ways. AoW 10 due tonight.

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Tuesday, February 3

Eng H2: We finished our expert jigsaw on Act 2 questions, then hit some loose ends. There is no new reading for tomorrow.

Eng 12: We took a look at the 12 Labors of Hercules and compared them to Edward’s labors. Then, I read an excerpt from 111-112, and you wrote your journal 8 entry on it. Tonight, read 117-124.

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Thursday, January 29

Eng H2: We spent the class learning from you about the five questions I gave you yesterday:

  • Should Antony be killed as well?
  • Why no oath with conspirators?
  • Will Brutus tell Portia what is going on? Why?
  • How does Calpurnia convince Caesar to stay home?
  • How do they convince Caesar to go to the Senate?

Very good work so far.
I gave you an updated reading schedule, as follows:
F 1/30?AoW 8 & 9 discussion
M 2/2?3.1
T 2/3 Rhetoric lesson- no homework due
W 2/4 3.2-3.3 Monologue choices due
Th 2/5 4.1-4.3
F 2/6 end of 4
M 2/9 Act 5
T 2/10 test prep
W 2/11 test

Eng 12: We did a group read-aloud of the chapter, “On Meeting the In-Laws” and discussed the difference between the courtship and the wedding. Tonight, read 86-100.

AoW 9 due tonight for all.

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Wednesday, January 28

Eng H2: We began an expert jigsaw on five questions from Act 2. You will teach your topic to the class tomorrow. No new reading tonight.

Eng 12: Journal #7, followed by a brief discussion and a little time to begin tonight’s reading, 76-85. Beginning tomorrow, you may use notes, but no books when you write your journal entries.

AoW 9 due tomorrow night.

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