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English 12: Dialogue Review

Follow this link to practice the rules of dialogue punctuation.

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AoW 18: College Safety

This is an opinion piece from the NY Times related to the current bill going through the Idaho legislature to allow concealed carrier permit holders to carry a gun on state college campuses. As you read, please consider tone, especially right from the provocative title. Think carefully about the topic and write a response reflecting your thoughts on this piece and the topic in general.

AoW 18

Blog posts due by Thursday night, 3/6.

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Friday, February 28

Eng H2: This was the last day of inclass rehearsal for the monologue. Everyone must be ready to go on Monday.

Eng 12: We worked on drafting your 1984 fan fiction piece. You should have a completed first draft on Monday. Today, we covered the following required elements of the piece, focussing on flashback.

Required elements of 1984 chapter:
Winston and at least one other character from the novel
Dialogue between two characters

The narration jumps, without saying, “He remembered…” to a time in the character’s past.
Should feel confusing to the reader at first, possibly requiring rereading.
Is often triggered in and out by something in the present narration (a sound, a sight, a word, a smell, etc.)
Reveals important character or idea information.

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Tuesday, February 25

Eng H2: After a quick line check, you spent the period rehearsing on your own, making choices for blocking and business. Tomorrow, you will rehearse with a partner who, and you will offer directing advice to each other.

Eng 12: This was the final day for Socratic Seminar, and I was especially pleased with seventh period. In true Socratic seminar form, you raised some amazing questions during the discussion, and it was all I could do to not jump in (well, anymore than I did). One of your questions was so good that I have decided to change the next unit to focus on it. Instead of doing the research project I had scheduled, we will be doing some creative writing with one of your questions as a jumping off point. More details to come.

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Monday, February 24

Eng H2:
Preparing your monologue
Creating a context: Understand why your character says the lines you are reciting, and the lines will make more sense, and, therefore, be easier to remember.

1. Overall Context:
 A. What is going on in the scene that this monologue is a part of?
 B. What directly precedes these lines and how does your character feel about   that?
 C. What, specifically, is the overall purpose of this set of lines?
 - This is your Character’s Objective-What they hope to achieve or gain by saying what they are saying or doing what they are doing.

2. Internal motivation, blocking, and business
 A. To Whom are you speaking ? If another person or persons, place them   specifically and anchor your address to that spot or spots.
 B. Blocking is movement-Do it with purpose to show oppositional thoughts or emotions or a change in address or conviction. Stop and anchor yourself at times. Only move with purpose.
C. Business: Something to do with hands, appropriate for your character. Can help fill space when memory fails and adds naturalism. A prop can help with line association and timing.

D. Space- As much as possible, establish a sense of
 where you are. Are you in your own bedroom or
 orchard, or are you in a public place or on a battle
 field? Is there a rock to sit on or a bed or chair?
 Know the space and use  the space, and that will
 help with learning.

Eng 12: Day one of Socratic Seminar, and things went very well. We will finish tomorrow.

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AoW 17: Ignorance is Strength?

AoW 17

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Friday, February 21

Eng H2: You took the Caesar test. Memorize your monologue for Monday. If you didn’t already, do AoW 16 tonight.

Eng 12: Today was our last in class day to prep for your Socratic Seminar on Monday. Everyone must be ready to go Monday with the following:

  • A single page of paper with your question (and name) on the top and a handwritten, well developed paragraph that begins with a topic sentence that clearly states your answer. Your answer must persuasively incorporate MLA cited evidence (quotes) from the text and make connections to our world (from history, your experience, the news, etc.).
  • Your 3- column notes for the novel, which will be collected at the end of the period.
  • Your 1984 text.
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Wednesday, February 19

Eng H2: We finished discussion of the play, and for homework you are to list examples of omens, portents, and prophecy.

Eng 12: I gave you handouts on Socratic Seminar and Questions. We then discussed some of your end of novel questions. We will work on preparing for Socratic Seminar the next two classes.

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Tuesday, February 18

Eng H2: We watched the last two acts of Caesar. Tomorrow, we will discuss significant events in the end of the play. Thursday will be a study/review day, and the test will be Friday.

Eng 12: You had the whole period to finish reading the novel. For homework:
On index card, write one question you have for novel.

  • Close-ended, objective: Answer is in text, but you might have missed it
  • Open-ended, analytical: A WHY something happened question. Explanation is in the text, but may be hard to understand or put together.
  • Connection to world: Is something specific in the novel related to something in our world?
  • Thematic: What is the idea about human nature or society in …
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Monday, February 10

Eng H2: We compared and contrasted Brutus and Antony’s speeches from Act 3. We also signed up for monologues. Your work for tonight is to make a script for your monologue by locating an online text of Julius Caesar, copying and pasting your monologue onto a Word document, and printing it out to bring to class Tuesday. Your copy should be centered, double spaced and as large of a font as will fit on the front side of one page.
You are also reading the rest of Act 4.

Eng 12: I confused the reading assignment for today, so I gave you class time to read through Chapter 2 of Book 3. Be up to page 260 for Tuesday.

Note to all: AoW 16 went up last Friday, but it is not due until Thursday of next week, 2/20. This is to accommodate the long weekend.

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