Thursday 9/15 in class

Setting up your blog
Work with your Dashboard in the Advanced Setting/Mode
Your Profile
Nickname: first name with ap1 (Plus last initial if used in your username. Use this whenever you leave comments, too)
Change password: enter new password twice

Appearance, Themes
Select the look of your blog. This can always be changed. Ones that say customizable allow you to insert a photo of your choice and some allow you to customize the color

Appearance, WidgetsWidgets are the customizable bits on the side bars of your blog. click and drag the following to the side bars. You must wait until you see a dotted out line appear on the side bar before you release the widget.
meta, categories, links, text, calendar, blog avatar

Posts, Categories, Add New: Write the following new category names, one at a time, then click the “add new category” button: Flood 2011, What I’m reading, Musings, Lord of the Flies(H2), Frankenstein (AP), Article of the Week

Links, Add New, Enter “Head Outta the Book” or Miss Harris in Name, open a new tab and bring up the home page of my bog. Copy and paste the url address from that into the add link page. Add a new category “Blogs I follow,” and then click on add link. In your Links widget you will need to now select “Blogs I follow” to show. Repeat the procedure to add some student blogs that you would like to link to your blog.

Settings, blog avatar This where you must upload an image of you that people can see when they come to your blog. If you’d like, I can take your picture and send it to you or upload it for you, OR if you don’t want a real image of you on the blog, you can create a cartoon avatar using any of several sites.

This is a link to a page of free avatar sites that you might be interested in instead of a picture of you on your blog or as your comment avatar.

Here is one I created on Doppel me, probably the least interesting of the bunch I tried.

This next one is from weemee:

Lastly, this is from bless this chick:

User, Your Avatar: This is your comment avatar. Could be the same one as your main blog avatar, but it doesn’t have to be. I use so I have a free avatar that follows me around the web wherever I use my email address to leave comments. You can do what you’d like

Settings, General,
Create a title and, if you like, a tag line
Find the New York time zone

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