March 5, 2015

Thursday, March 5

Eng H2: Today you worked on your own to stage your monologue, experimenting with blocking, gestures, and inflection. Tomorrow you will be paired up to get some one on one direction.

Eng 12: Since most of you were woefully unprepared for a peer reading of your parent myth, I gave you time to write the first draft, which is now worth ten points tomorrow only. You either have it, 10, or don’t, 0. This means the deadline for the final draft is now the start of class on Monday.

AoW 12 is due by tonight.

March 4, 2015

Wednesday, March 4

Eng H2: You paired up for a memorization check of your monologues. I hope you noted the parts that needed attention and work accordingly on them.

Eng 12: You began drafting your parent myth, creating a full story with both realistic and mythical details. Tomorrow, you will have someone read your draft to note the spots that seem mythical and the overall characteristic the story reveals about your parent.

AoW 12 due by tomorrow night.

March 2, 2015

Monday, March 2

How awesome is it that we got more snow? What a great winter this has been.

Eng H2: I assigned your first reading and reader response for Great Expectations, then I showed you how to mark and memorize your monologue for Caesar. You should memorize for this Wednesday, and then our performances will be the following Wednesday.

Eng 12: You have today and Tuesday in class to write your Big Fish Savvy Critic comparison piece. Focus on one element, character, or scene to compare across the the book, movie, and musical. Above all, form an opinion and support it. Do not merely point out what was different in each version.

AoW 12 is up and due by this Thursday night.

February 27, 2015

Friday, February 27

Eng H2: You wrote your Caesar test. If you were absent, you can make it up in the English resource room next Monday or Tuesday. For Monday, bring a paper copy of your monologue. We will also begin the next novel on Monday.

Eng 12:After a brief discussion of today’s assembly, I handed back your basic parent story, and we talked about how they will be transformed into myths next week, Wednesday through Friday. Monday and Tuesday you will write your Savvy Critic comparison piece for Big Fish.

New AoW up tonight. Have a great weekend.

February 26, 2015

Thursday, February 26

Eng H2: Today was the final day of preparation for your Julius Caesar passage test, which you will take tomorrow. Bring your SSR book or monologue to work on if you finish the test early.

Eng 12: We finished the movie today, and in 5th and 7th period I had you write for five about what angle you would choose for comparison if you had to write about it today. A thoughtful discussion followed. The musical opens tonight, so good luck to the cast, and get your ticket for the rest of you.

February 24, 2015

Tuesday, February 24

Sorry. The work computer has not been letting me post lately. See how it goes today.


Eng H2:  You spent the short period selecting and preparing your passage fort the test prep. Tomorrow, you will have another ten minutes or so to finish your preparations before teaching the passage to the class.

Eng 12: After SSR, we continued with Big Fish in preparation for your Savvy Critic project. I did decide, with the help of fifth period to make some alternative plans for those of you who cannot see the musical at the school, but would still like to do the higher level assessment. You may use the scene from this Friday’s assembly or you may watch the musical on Youtube. Hope that helps.

February 12, 2015

Thursday, February 12

Eng H2: Frist, we discussed some of the the first steps in memorizing your monologue:
Monologue Prep:

  1. Put on a full page print out(you can download/copy from an online version of the play instead of retyping)
  2. Center and double-space in a large font (should be as big as possible while maintaining the original line breaks and stay on one page)
  3. Highlight chunks/sentences with different colors
  4. Paraphrase chunks of meaning on sides

We then discussed the conceits (extended metaphors) of Act 4:

1. (143 lines 24-44)
2. (157 lines 124-127)
3. (167 lines 244-255)
4. (147 lines 21-29)

Eng 12: I set you up with the Savvy Critic project to compare a scene from the book, movie and musical, then we started watching the movie. This is on Netflix if you miss a day and want to catch up.


AoW 11 due tonight.

February 10, 2015

Tuesday, February 10

Eng H2: You guided our discussion with your questions and observations, then we ended class watching Antony’s speech. We will have a quick discussion of it tomorrow. Read the rest of Act 4 for tomorrow, then finish the play for Thursday. There will be no test before break.

Eng 12: Your parent paragraph was due today, and, if you needed to, you were allowed to write it in class. Once it was turned in, you could read the end of Big Fish, then your SSR.

AoW 11 due by Thursday night.